Chiara De Filippis is a Florence-based jewellery designer that combines silver and gold, ancient and modern techniques to create wearable, minimalist, elegant earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and statement pieces.

 Born in Rome, after studying humanities, Chiara moved to Florence following  her natural artistic calling. Through an education in artisan’s workshops, long intercontinental journeys and a taste for experimentation, she developed a creativity that we discover in her jewels, goldsmith creations that sway between classic and contemporary canons, at the same time free from formal bonds of style.

Her inspirations of philosophical and naturalistic character find their expression in an essential simplicity, through her instinctive approach to precious metals, mostly silver and gold; the use of ancient techniques such as hammer forging allows her to create continuous shapes and minimal volumes.

In 2015, after founding the brand Chiara De Filippis, she took part in several national and international events, jewellery exhibitions and trade fairs, raising the transversal interest of public and operators.

Among the places of interest, we can find her jewels at the Design Shop in Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, at the Des Moines Art Center in Des Moines, Iowa, and at the Design Shop of MAK, museum of the applied arts in Vienna